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In Gartner’s Latest IGA Report, Clear Skye Is Only Vendor Native to ServiceNow

December 15, 2020

Clear Skye is incredibly happy to be recognized in Gartner’s Market Guide for Identity Governance and Administration as having achieved a degree of visibility and traction in the IGA market – especially since we only exited stealth in 2020. We are also proud to be named alongside respected global brands such as IBM, Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle.

We’re particularly pleased to be the only IGA vendor native to the ServiceNow platform to be recognized by Gartner. As the analyst firm states, our goal is “to provide a simpler approach to IGA, reducing complexity by removing the need for a standalone IGA solution.”

Earlier this year, Gartner conducted its Security and IAM Solution Adoption Trend Survey, with 405 respondents from the North America, Western Europe and APAC regions. As noted in the Market Guide, the survey results provided some revealing statistics – and demonstrated why the Clear Skye approach for IGA built on the Now platform aligns with security purchasing intentions for companies around the world.

  • Only 24% of respondents stated they were not considering replacing their existing IGA technology. At Clear Skye, we know that enterprises are looking for a modern approach. Siloed IGA products that require custom-coded integrations for each new business system that you implement don’t make sense for enterprises that continue to add apps to their portfolio.
  • 26% were looking for an alternative, less-expensive technology to save money. Standalone IGA products are difficult and expensive to implement, maintain, and update. Since Clear Skye is native to the cloud-based Now platform, our customers benefit from platform updates and a plug-and-play integration process that don’t require a high-priced consultant or lengthy timelines.
  • 31% expressed the view that the technology environment has changed and their incumbent solution doesn’t address requirements. Today’s knowledge workers are increasingly mobile, whether they’re using smartphones or logging on from outside the physical office. Legacy IGA products simply aren’t designed to meet the requirements of today’s enterprise.

The IGA market is clearly quite muddled, as Gartner’s survey results and Market Guide indicate. The analyst firm has gone so far as to retire its Magic Quadrant for IGA, noting that there is “increasingly little to differentiate” today’s IGA vendors.

We agree – and that’s why Clear Skye is different. Clear Skye offers an IGA solution with a lower cost and quicker time to value that’s built on the ServiceNow platform, where it belongs. Gartner assumes that more that 40% of IGA and identity and access management (IAM) purchases by 2023 will be SaaS-based. Why not be ahead of the curve and invest on a modern IGA solution today?

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Jackson Shaw

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