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More Trust, Less Risk When Built on Now

December 01, 2020

Clear Skye’s Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solution is an application that runs natively on the ServiceNow platform. A “native application” is similar to an application you might download for your iPhone or Android phone. Those applications run on your phone, and your phone is the platform. We run on ServiceNow. That is our platform.

ServiceNow, in a similar way to how Apple certifies 3rd-party applications, also certifies 3rd-party applications that are destined to run on the ServiceNow platform. At the ServiceNow Store, there are hundreds of certified applications that cover many industries, support all of the various ServiceNow modules, and provide integrations that support other platforms and applications. Native applications that successfully go through the ServiceNow certification process are awarded a Built on Now designation.

“Built on Now applications are natively built apps on the ServiceNow platform and ensure platform performance and security are upheld to the highest standards of ServiceNow.”

The Built on Now program offers many benefits to ISV partners like Clear Skye. However, I think the best benefits of this program really accrue to you, the Clear Skye customer. One of the most important benefits is that any Built on Now application has the primary business logic, user experience, and end customer value all driven, experienced, and designed on ServiceNow. This may seem like an obvious value, especially to someone experienced with ServiceNow, but to an IGA or identity and access management (IAM) customer, this encapsulates the Clear Skye value proposition. We aren’t a standalone solution that runs outside of ServiceNow. We aren’t a solution that has a different experience than ServiceNow. We aren’t a solution that uses different tools for workflow or operations.

Clear Skye is Built on Now

Our experience has been that almost every customer demands integration with their ticketing system – ServiceNow – to handle all the integration and requests that their traditional IAM/IAG solution cannot. In addition, many customers have asked us to make their previous vendor solutions look like ServiceNow from a UI perspective because all their employees were familiar with the ServiceNow paradigm.

Built on Now means that:

  • An application was created solely within the Now Platform.
  • The UI/UX was built on the Now Platform (using ServicePortal, Workspace, Mobile, UI Pages, forms, etc.).
  • Business logic for the application is housed within the Now Platform (Script Includes, Business Rules, etc.).

The benefits don’t stop there though. The certification process is also in place to introduce the least amount of risk into a customer’s ServiceNow instance. The certification team inspects Clear Skye’s application code, installation, and architecture so that ServiceNow best practices have been followed so that stability, performance, and security are persisted across a customer’s ServiceNow instance. Clear Skye and ServiceNow’s goals are to ensure the minimal amount of possible negative performance or security impact to your instance.

ServiceNow recently stated: “We've discovered over 46,000 issues that would have otherwise been missed and/or potentially deployed to production instances. In that same time space, we've had over 5000 downloads of our certified solutions and only a handful of incidents have been attributed to custom applications. The certification process is catching a lot, in a way that saves our customers a tremendous amount of time and risk.”

Extending the Now Platform to include IGA just makes sense. However to truly get the value you should consider focusing on solutions that are certified “Built on Now.”

This designation provides the combined power of ServiceNow and Clear Skye working together — for you.



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Jackson Shaw

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